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Mobile Application Development

ASeaMonk Solution has developed strong competency in mobile application development. Having a strong execution team across platforms such as Java/J2ME, WAP, BlackBerry, iOS, Android and Windows platform, SeaMonk solution is one of the few innovative mobile application development companies in Ahmedabad, India who truly follows the motto – Innovation at Each Step.

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Web Design Services

A website does not deliver if it does not deliver user experience to help users access these systems without any hassles. That’s where the role of designers come into picture. SeaMonk Solution helps customers across the globe in building solutions. SeaMonk Solution provides web design services not only to enhance the user interface and user experience of your existing website, but also to create exquisite designs from scratch.

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Game Development

An important segment that has undergone a significant transition, thanks to technology, is the gaming industry. Today, gaming sector has captured every possible imagination of the user. Companies are coming out with breathtaking concepts and story lines. The buck does not stop here. Today, even casino games are gaining tremendous popularity in the online gaming world. SeaMonk has been a strong believer of user experience. Hence, it advocates the concept of online gaming by providing realistic, simplified and an incredible gaming experience to our game lovers.

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E-Commerce Solutions

Modern day users constantly are on their smartphones, even for shopping. Online shopping has been the norm than an exception. Hence, e-commerce companies are leveraging technology to ensure that they are constantly delivering experience to their customers. SeaMonk Solution creates e-commerce solutions to help e-commerce companies reach out their products to a large audience.

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Custom Application Development

Businesses are always under tremendous pressure to deliver and perform across the globe. To ensure that they are on top of their work and have a competitive edge, organizations need to leverage systems to improve their productivity and efficiency. SeaMonk Solution helps organizations by providing custom application development services to its customers across a diverse industry vertical.

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Digital Marketing Services

Marketing departments are constantly on the look out of improving ways and means to create more brand penetration and enhance their brand’s reachability to a larger audience. However, as easier said than done, digital marketing is not just about sending out newsletters and advertising. There are lot of prerequisites to be take care before getting onto any marketing initiative.

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Internet of Things

SeaMonk Solution is a strong advocate of machine learning and artificial intelligence. It is a hot cake today. Doesn’t matter whether you are a startup or an established organization, you can harness the power of IoT solutions to achieve the highest level of operational efficiency by delivering world class customer experience.

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WebPOS Development

Why are many retail organizations adopting the point-of-sale systems for their business? Not only retail, today even sectors like aviation are adopting this technology. The objective is to give ease of access to customers and keep engaging with them.

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