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  • How To Deliver An Effective E-Commerce Platform?

    How to deliver an effective e-commerce platform

    The one thing that has been a constant is the innovation around technology. Every day we see news about someone creating a path-breaking solution that addresses to a common problem shared by global citizens. Today, we are seeing industries undergoing a paradigm shift as t ...

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  • The Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Web Designs

    Today, if you go and ask someone if they have a website for their business, it will be a question that may be laughed up on. Yes, it is true. This is because today everyone has a website. It is a basic necessity for anyone to do a business.  And because it is an imperative need, there are so many players in the market today who do website w ...

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  • Why Your Digital Marketing Never Works Out the Way You Plan

    Every enterprise is different and they have their own set of deliverables. They are working on their own strategies as it is aligned with the overall organizational objective which is very unique to each organization. Marketing as a function is dynamic per se, and it is totally driven by content; be it digital marketing or outdoor marketing.&nbs ...

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  • Resource Augmentation & Mobilization

    Technology is constantly evolving. There are times when organizations try to cope up with the pace of innovation. Enterprises are always under tremendous pressure to deliver the best service to their customers. This can be done if your technology infrastructure is up-to-date. However, CIOs are aware of what is the best solution needed to support ...

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  • Top 10 Guiding Principles of Effective Web Design

    Every website is unique as it conveys some or the other message. However, there are those exceptional ones who are simply out of this world and they captivate viewers with their enthralling design and amazing graphics, fonts and colors.

    So, what makes a website, effective, efficient and at the same time mesmerizing. Let us look at the 10 ...

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  • Proprietary System v/s an Open Source Platform

    It has always been a question as to whether enterprises should go for a proprietary system or whether they should adopt an open source product. One thing is clear, to ensure that businesses operate smoothly, it is important to have the right software. However, it is important to know, what are the drawbacks as well as advantages of a proprietary ...

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  • 10 indications why you should invest in Mobile Technology

    Let us make one thing clear, mobile applications are not just for the giants like Facebook and Amazon. Today, even small businesses and mom & pop shops are harnessing the power of mobile technology to promote their business and deliver experience to customers.

    Mobile apps are created for specific operating systems and this has enable ...

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  • Five Reasons Why You Should Invest In Project Management Systems

    In today’s business scenario, if any enterprise says that they don’t need to invest in project management is like committing hara-kiri. To put it in layman terms, having a project management system in place is helpful in keeping a check on resources used, monitoring schedules of various tasks and maintaining overall communications.

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  • 10 Online Marketing mistakes that beginners make

    Today, commodities and services are sold more online. Businesses are relying heavily on online promotions and marketing to reach to a larger audience. Is it a simple task to accomplish? Well, it may look very easy to accomplish task, but if the prerequisites are not taken care of, there is a possibility that the results may be completely opposit ...

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  • Custom Application vs Off-the Shelf Solution

    Customers are always in a dilemma, whether to get a system tailor made for their requirements or procure a ready-to- deploy off-the- shelf. There is a constant tug-of- war between operational requirement, budgetary constraints and technical feasibility.

    There is one underlying question that the enterprise must ask every time. Does the so ...

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  • 7 Risks that SMB retailers face on a regular basis

    Will it be too much to say that retail sector is undergoing a complete overhaul? Well, companies are making constant endeavors to ensure that they survive and are delivering the best user experience. Technology has played a crucial role in transcending the industry from just a round-the-corner store to everyone’s fingertips on a smartphone ...

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  • 10 Benefits of Custom Mobile App Development that may change your perspective

    Since the advent of smartphones and the technology surrounding it, there has been a constant endeavor to leverage this platform and deliver solutions to help users to save time. A simple example is banking. Gone are the days where a customer had to stand in a long line just to get a statement. Today, thanks to smartphone apps, all banking transa ...

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  • Trends in digital marketing that we can foresee in 2018

    Trends in digital marketing that we can foresee in 2018', '

    Enterprises have already understood the importance of going digital. Hence, they have been constantly striving implement digital strategy across all functions. The challenge is that there is constant innovation happening and new trends are coming up, forcing organizations to be on their ...

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  • Why to go for a BYOD policy?

    Enterprises have been constantly thriving to provide flexibility and agility to employees by implementing Bring Your Own Device policy. However, there has been a constant debate on security aspects of this policy. Moreover, enterprises also find it challenging to govern and monitor the BYOD policy.

    According to Fred Mouawad, founder and CE ...

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  • Delivering Customer Experience

    In today’s world, customers are very well informed about the products that they seek. They are very particular, and know exactly what they want. So, if they are so well informed, why is it still that organizations are focusing on buying patterns and working heads down. I mean, technically speaking this is a cakewalk. For eg: if there are c ...

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  • Key elements for early Startups

    Looks like the startup bug has bit every individual across the globe. The world is witnessing a barrage of ventures who are coming out with exceptional concepts and innovative ideas, to solve some of the intriguing problems for a business consumer or the end user; though there are the occasional ones that don’t cross the line.

    Most e ...

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