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Game Development

An important segment that has undergone a significant transition, thanks to technology, is the gaming industry. Today, gaming sector has captured every possible imagination of the user. Companies are coming out with breathtaking concepts and story lines. The buck does not stop here. Today, even casino games are gaining tremendous popularity in the online gaming world. SeaMonk has been a strong believer of user experience. Hence, it advocates the concept of online gaming by providing realistic, simplified and an incredible gaming experience to our game lovers.

SeaMonk Solution has developed strong competency in game development, to help in gamification of your business applications for more customer engagement or to create a commercially viable and user-friendly game for end users. SeaMonk solution houses some of the best talents, with state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology metrics for creating high-definition interactive games.

SeaMonk’s game development competency is around

Mobile Games : SeaMonk Solution has developed strong capability in developing mobile games across platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows. We cover the end-to-end process of creating games right from scratch and ensuring it adheres to the coding standards set up by Google, Apple and Microsoft to be made available in their respective online stores.

PC & Mac Games : Even though there is a growing popularity of mobile games, PC games have not lost their charm. Playing games on PC or Mac is altogether a different experience. At SeaMonk we take care of gall ty pes of desktop games, taking care of minute details such as resolution, artwork and user experience.

Console Games : Console games have offered a new dimension to the gaming fraternity. SeaMonk has a dedicated team that caters only to console games for all those Xbox and PlayStation lovers.

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