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Digital Marketing Services

Marketing departments are constantly on the look out of improving ways and means to create more brand penetration and enhance their brand’s reachability to a larger audience. However, as easier said than done, digital marketing is not just about sending out newsletters and advertising. There are lot of prerequisites to be take care before getting onto any marketing initiative.

SeaMonk Solution delivers cost effective and efficient digital marketing services for our global clientele. SeaMonk’s digital marketing services helps enhancing customers product marketing and brand image over the internet.

Just having a good website won’t suffice the need. You need to reach out to your audience by delivering the right communication to your customers. Your brand identity is what your customers relate to and we help you accomplish this by offering a bundle of digital marketing services

Search Engine Services : Having the best website does not mean that you will have a large customer base. You have to attract these customers who can be in any corner of the world. SeaMonk Solution’s search engine services helps you to improve your online presence across search engine portals such as Google, Yahoo, Bing. SeaMonk’s search engine services gives your brand/website/ecommerce portal the push that is needed to help customers find you.

SeaMonk Solution offers the following as part of our search engine optimization services: Site optimization Submissions Keyword optimization Performance optimization Reports and analytics Speak to our digital monk and get a complete understanding of how to improve your search engine results

Email Marketing : Thought this is ia traditional approval, it is still found to be effective. At SeaMonk, we create the right email marketing campaign for your brand, looking into various factors like target market, product to be promoted, geographical diversity and so on.

Furthermore, we also deliver progressive reports and real time analytics to help you take decisions on the outcome of email marketing campaigns. Moreover, SeaMonk also helps in auto managing new subscribers, monitoring and managing the opt-outs and bounced emails. Our email marketing service offerings include: Creation of HTML emails and newsletters Contact Building Manage email list Performance monitoring and reporting Social Media Marketing Social media is the most sought-after platform for all organizations in today’s digital world. Social media marketing is a totally content driven marketing effort from businesses to reach out to potential buyers and engage with them. It also helps businesses get a hindsight about tastes and preferences of potential buyers and send out relevant messaging to them to attract them.

At SeaMonk , we define communication strategies across channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many more. Choosing the right social media platform is total based on the product, the target audience and geographical location. Our digital monks create a proper structure with correct messaging techniques to create the right content for your brand’s social media presence.

SeaMonk’s social media marketing services include: Creation of social media profile and optimizing it Creating engaging content with schedules Develop and implement widgets Organizing and promoting events associated with the brand Define advertising campaigns and set up reporting and analytics Content monitoring and content management Talk to us to get further insight into how we can improve your social media presence and help you in generating leads through digital marketing services.

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